No prior coding experience, degrees or other qualifications are required.

In order to apply, you need to be open minded, motivated and ready to commit to a 2-year study program. You must be at least 18 and have completed high-school education.


It’s just 3 simple steps. Create an account by signing up and completing the online game assessment. It is a 90 minute test. Remember, you can always retake the test if needed. Please make sure to use a laptop or computer while taking the test, NOT your phone.


Game 1: Memory – Begin the application with a game that tests your memory. Getting harder as the levels progress, test your memory in this colorful game.


Game 2: Zzle – This is where the challenge begins. Zzle tests your logic and perseverance. You’ll be led through a series of puzzles and your job is to figure out how to move the cursor to the end. Experiment with different possibilities and see how quickly you can get through.

That’s it, you would have already created an account and we will inform you if you have passed and when we will invite you for the next Selection Pool!