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Application Process

Anyone above the age of 18 with interest in the tech and coding industry; no previous coding knowledge is required!

Anytime, anyday, anywhere! Apply today by completing the online game test by clicking here.

The program goes through several rounds of selections to accommodate onboarding different batches of students throughout the year, as the program does not follow a certain fixed semester schedule which typical academic institutes follow and is more flexible to suitably adapt to each student. Our upcoming selection dates are starting from February 2023.

After the successful completion of the online game test, shortlisted candidates will receive an email inviting them to the 3-week comprehensive ‘Selection Pool’. During these 3 weeks, the candidates will learn a significant amount of coding and tech material that will prepare them for the course and have their performance assessed prior to being accepted into the program.


Click here to take the test!


The candidate must pass the ‘Selection Pool’ to enter the program, in addition to presenting their dedication and willingness to fulfill the selection criteria.

The online test is a game that will assess and test your logical thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills, among many others!


All you need to do is allocate 1.5 hours in a comfortable location and good internet. Make sure you do not get interrupted because the test cannot be paused. However, you can retake the test as many times as needed!

The selection pool is a 4-week full-time evaluation period to your skills and aptitudes relevant to the industry. You will be working together with other shortlisted students and begin learning by completing quests in the program. Similar to the course program, candidates will have a practical test at the end of each week to evaluate what they have learned so far. Teamwork-based assignments will also be given at the end of each week to strengthen your understanding of the previous week’s material. During this time, you will learn a significant amount of information that will teach you to go beyond what you believed was possible!


Once you get selected for the Selection Pool, get ready for a fun, comprehensive and insightful time building your knowledge base and solution-oriented skills like never before!

If you have successfully completed the selection pool, you will be directly notified at the end of the selection period via email and receive a call for confirmation.

The training is Tamkeen supported for Bahraini students.

We also offer payment plans for anybody who isn’t eligible for Tamkeen support.

The program

An intensive 2-year professional training program that is; collaborative, gamified and project-based, aimed to provide you with more skills and experience than a classic University 4-year program in coding and software engineering. Upon completion, you will be a full-stack developer with the ability to program in a wide range of languages and will be able to land your dream job in the tech field.

The program is two years long, 18 months to be a full stack developer plus 6 months in chosen specialization field. Nonetheless, students can complete it sooner depending on their progress through the program.

The program runs on a collaborative and project-based training methodology where it utilizes the proven 01Edu platform processes. We will provide you with all the information, instructions, support, and built-in training mechanisms that will enable you to code from the very beginning. There will also be mentors to support and guide you through the program. Nonetheless, this is a learn-by-doing methodology, so we will not show you the answers like a lecture-based program. Our way is proven to best prepare you for the workplace and transform you into valuable solution-oriented catalysts.

No, it is highly recommended to utilize the institute’s facilities during the time of your studies. We have designed and built the institute to provide the best possible learning environment and atmosphere to fit the convenience of every student. However, it is possible to access the platform remotely outside the opening hours, for when you need to get things done urgently.


Just like your next job, most of the course material will require teamwork and collaboration, in addition to the fact that it will be your opportunity to motivate yourself through meeting like-minded individuals and building a lifelong network and friendships.


At Reboot, we strive to empower you throughout your journey, not just educationally but also professionally, socially, and mentally. There will be community events with our local and international partners, along with exciting opportunities exclusively provided to the Reboot students.

This is an intensive program that can require 5-8 hours a day to study and complete projects. The timing is flexible and there have been graduates (from other 01 schools around the world) who have successfully completed the course while working full-time. We would highly recommend you focus most of your time and energy on completing this program to gain the most from it.

The program will be conducted in English as it is the used language of the coding world. A basic level of understanding of English would be enough to succeed in this course.

Our educational system does not follow the traditional semester and lecture-based educational models, which means that there isn’t a set official break during the 2-year time period. You are in charge of your time and you may easily complete tasks ahead of time if you would like to plan some time off.


Our institute will be open from 8 AM – 11 PM all year long (excluding official public holidays), and you may come in any time to complete your tasks.


As you go through this program, you will need to complete specific levels before you move on to the next, with all assignments required to be completed within specified time limits and deadlines. Nevertheless, it is in your hands to navigate how you wish to complete your tasks and move through the process.

Laptops and devices will be provided by Reboot Coding Institute.

Completing this course will open the doors to many opportunities for you that are relevant to the progressive development and innovation of many industries nationally and internationally, specifically within the tech sector. The final 6 months of the program will allow you to specialize in your preferred coding fields such as Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, DevOps, Mobile Development, etc which will further enhance your portfolio and opportunities!


Reboot already has national and international hiring partners from the banking, fintech, and IT companies and we will have many more.

Full stack technology refers to the entirety of a computing system, from the front end to the back end. This encompasses skills in developing client software and data.


• Programming a browser (e.g. using JavaScript, CSS)

• Programming a server (e.g. using RUST, PHP,, Python, C++ and Golang)

• Programming a database (e.g. using SQL, SQLite, and PHP)


Reboot will produce full stack developers within 18 months plus 6 months in areas of specialization of interest to the student like DevOps & Cyber Security, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data science/Data Center or Mobile Development.

You will have the capacity of gaining and enhancing an ample amount of technical and human skills within your time at Reboot 01. Students will learn by completing the core programming and computer science concepts like conditions, loops, and sorting algorithms. Within these collaborative spaces, students will gain the opportunity of building interpersonal skills, communication and organization skills, time management, critical and logical thinking, teamwork, and other skill sets.

01 edu system’s innovative pedagogy (way of learning) is tested and driven by a powerful mix of peer learning, gamification, and collective intelligence methodologies, fine-tuned to build the world’s best creative developers.


This revolutionary pedagogy is responsible for founding the success of internationally renowned schools, such as Epitech (the largest software engineering school in Europe), Web Academy, and School 42, which is considered “the best coding school in the world” according to CodinGame. There are over 40 internationally established institutions that are currently running on the 01 pedagogy.


More than 25,000 digital talents have been developed through this new education system, now powering innovation and success in major groups and start-ups.
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Of the various and ample amount of roles and opportunities available that require the skills and knowledge taught at Reboot, below are examples to several:

• Back End Developer
• E-Commerce consultant
• Front-End Developer
• Information Architect
• Interactive Designer
• Mobile Application Developer
• User Experience Designer
• User Interface Designer
• Web Content Manager
• Web Designer
• Web Developer
• Webmaster

• Security Tools developer

• Lead Software Engineer
• Quality Assurance Engineer
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Software Architect
• Software Developer
• Software Engineer
• Software Release Manager
• Software Tester

• Algorithm Developer
• Artificial Intelligence Specialist
• Computer Vision Engineer
• Machine Learning Specialist
• Machine Learning Engineer
• Neural Network Specialist

• 3D Developer
• 3D Modeler
• AR Developer
• VR Developer
• Dev Ops
• Database Administrator
• IT Operations Analyst
• Systems Automation Engineer
• System Administrator
• System Analyst
• System Engineer

• Network Engineer
• Network Automation Engineer

• Semiconductor Process Engineer
• IOT Systems Engineer

• Business Intelligence Analyst
• Blockchain Specialist
• Data Analyst
• Data Architect
• Data Engineer
• Data Scientist
• Data Warehouse Specialist
• EDI System Analyst
• Statistical Programmer

• Game Developer
• Game Programmer
• Game Tester
• Level Designer
• Technical Artist

• Cloud Infrastructure Specialist
• Entrepreneur
• IT Instructor
• Project Manager
• Product Manager

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